Student Engagement and Retention

With 360 degree student profile and dynamic dashboard to set alert based on predefine rules, you can proactively engage your student even before they come to ask for your help, self-services portal to filter selective information based on student needs, and automate business processes to minimize administrative work on the backend for staff and maximize their time spent supporting students.

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Manage 360-degree student view

System allows staff manage all accounts and contacts in a centralized database. Bring to users a 360 -degree view of parents/students and their relationships such as father, mother, guardian or siblings.

Student engagement with omnichannel

You can reach parents/students via omnichannel including: Call, Email , Modern Messaging-in one place. All historical transactions are logged fully in the system. Based on this, staff can consult and take care customers well whenever they contact to school.

Email automation

Engage students with customize email match with their demographics, their interests... using student segmentation

View historical interaction

Keep track all school interaction with each student to ensure all information is recorded and make student feel being cared

Manage knowledge base

Help teachers and students answer their questions with FAQ portal suggestion by AI bot

Real-time reporting

The system enhances your decision-making based on fact and data via dashboards. Users can also visualize data personally and drill down into multi-levels for analytics. And export data to Excel file if necessary.

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