Custom Software

At Flexidata, we challenge ourselves to make every single software project is possible. Our team has the knowledge, skills and expertise to develop any mission-critical custom software solution, whether you require development of a complete application, application component, application integration, or QA/QC.

We provide innovative custom software solutions that are unsurpassed in today's marketplace, and we are able to deliver these solutions to our clients in a manner that assists them in achieving their business objectives.

Software technology:

Flexidata's expertise in developing custom software:

  • HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript
  • PHP, MySQL

Software solutions:

Flexidata has experience providing the following types of custom software solutions:

  • Complete software applications
  • Components of software applications
  • Application Integration
  • QA/QC

The best approaches for our customers

Flexidata has skills and expertise to deliver the best approaches for our customers

  • Comprehensive analysis of the application requirements and business needs
  • Preparing well defined architecture and design to ensure scalable, reliable, robust, secure and easily maintainable applications
  • Agile Methodology throughout application development life cycle
  • Extensive QA testing to ensure bug-free and bespoke end solution
  • Constant support for application lifecycle management (i.e., adopting change requests, enhancements, troubleshooting and support)

Agile Methodology

Our software development services are based on the Agile Software Development Methodology and follow our standard software/application development life cycle. We follow these basic steps for all custom software development projects from initial inception and planning to successful delivery and deployment. this ensures that our clients are up-to-date with the project progress and are continuously involved to ensure accurate delivery. Using agile methodology strengthens communication and ensures continuous feedback with clients, thus giving them complete control over budgets.