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A high-level view for CEO / Directors to have an overview of what's happening

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Manage all your resources efficiently to save time, avoid rework, and leave your team more time for creative work.

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A platform for individuals and teams to collaborate together. Visual, easy to use, and effective

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Easy to start

Lots of templates for your team to start. Even your team is Marketing, Sales, Operation, HR, or Product team, you can operate your work and collaborate together on

Keep track of all moving parts

Easily access all progress updates, budget approvals, and more on one platform and instantly know where all your work stands.

Top 3 favorite features Automations

Ever feel like you are doing too much manual work? Automations help you automate repetitive work and let you focus on what matters Filters

How to follow and update a project under your view as a manager (or member)? Filter can help you "filter" and view what you need to view.

+12 Templates to start

Start using with a template? Why not? template is contributed by global companies to help you and your team quickly onboard.

Seamlessly integrate all of your existing tools

Google Calendar

Manage your time more efficiently and stay up-to-date with all important deadlines.


Easily import and export any Excel sheet into a board with just a few clicks.

Microsoft Teams

Embed boards within your MS Teams chats to enhance workflow capabilities.


Share information, updates and files in Slack #channels from directly inside

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